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Child Protection Institute

About CPI

Against Child Abuse (ACA) was established in 1979. We strive to eliminate all forms of child abuse and neglect in Hong Kong and promote a caring and non-violent environment for the optimal growth and development of our children.

Besides hotline service, investigation for suspected child abuse cases, counseling and prevention work, we established the Child Protection Institute (CPI) in 2013, which aims at providing public education, group work, consultation of child protection policy, and staff training for schools, tertiary education institutions, NGOs and business sector. Through CPI courses, it is expected to raise the public awareness of the importance of child protection and early intervention so as to appropriately deal with child abuse problem. Until now, it was encouraging that over 40 thousand people participated in our courses to have more understanding of child protection knowledge.

The courses and talks of CPI are conducted by experienced social workers who possess professional knowledge of case assessment and intervention. CPI has carried out talks and training programmes for over hundred of organizations, schools and parent groups.

Should the interested parties have any enquiries, please email us at cpi@aca.org.hk or contact us at 3542 5727.


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