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Our Services

Crisis Intervention

Parent-child Support Line: 2755 1122

Collaborative partner: 

  • Parents, children, professionals and the public are encouraged to call our Hotline or drop-in at our centres to report suspected cases of child abuse or ask for assistances of parenting difficulties.
  • Through the Parent-child Support Line service, we listen to parents’ or caregivers’ difficulties, and provide them with professional advice on child management and counselling service. Also, we provide emotional support to children and young people in need.
  • All personal information of the informant is kept confidential.

When received the report of suspected cases of child abuse, social worker will provide outreach service and investigation. After assessment of the risk of child abuse and the needs of the families, we will provide appropriate follow-up services.


Multi-disciplinary Case Conference

Multi-disciplinary case conference is a platform by which professionals having a major role in the handing and investigation of a suspected child maltreatment case can share their views, discuss case nature, analyse risks and needs, and formulate follow-up plan for the child and his / her family.