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About ACA

Roles & Strategies

Objectives and Strategies for 3-Year Plan

Target one
Capacity Building
  • Develop service model framework
  • Formulate plan of clinical supervision
  • Enhance staff training
  • Shared vision and mission
  • Enhance staff cohesion
  • Staffing and manpower augmentation
Target two
Stakeholders Liaison, Funding Opportunities, New Services
  • Identify and explore new service opportunities
  • Enhance collaboration with stakeholders
Target three
  • Formulate plans to lead in child protection initiatives
Target four
Child Protection Policy Promotion
  • Formulate plans to promote institutional child protection policy in the community
Target Five
Mandatory Reporting Requirement Impact Analysis
  • Draw up response action plans
  • Formulate plans to promote hotline service


Target six
Business Processes Optimization
  • Set up internal workflow parameters
  • Launch Data Governance Project