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About ACA

Roles & Strategies

Objectives and Strategies for 3-Year Plan

Target one
To align staff and enhance cohesion
  • Shared vision
  • Strategic clarity
  • Staff involvement
  • Open and trusting atmosphere
Target two
To enhance governance and professionalism
  • Staff performance appraisal
  • Service management
  • Financial management
  • Risk management
Target three
To encourage innovation, consolidate knowledge and share practice wisdom
  • Set up knowledge database
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Capturing external ideas
Target four
To strengthen child protection education through Child Protection Institute
  • To strengthen the function of Child Protection Institute
  • Cooperating with professionals and experts of different fields
  • Producing training manuals
  • Developing service models
  • Identify and explore new opportunities
  • Promotion to target groups
Target Five
To collaborate with stakeholders and lead in child protection initiative
  • Involvement in GOs and NGOs committees and working groups
  • Promotion of volunteerism in corporates
  • Seeking business sectors support to raise funds
Target six
To enhance effectiveness of outreach to the community through social media

To enhance ACA's effectiveness and efficiency through re-engineering of its business processes and enabling data-driven decisions

  • Effective use of social media
  • Website enhancement
  • Effective use of workflow management system