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Our Services


Fieldwork Placement

l   ACA arranges social work placement and internship programmes for local university students. They are given opportunities to familiarise with child protection policies, handle suspected child abuse cases and perform different areas of child protection work.

During the placement, they gain exposure in various services such as participating in multidisciplinary case conferences, organising group work, seminar and mass programmes.

They also handle hotline, investigation and casework under close supervision. All of them express that they appreciate the learning opportunities and support provided by ACA.

Talk, Workshop, Training Course

ACA established Child Protection Institute (CPI) in 2013
On requests from social service agencies, universities, education institutes, schools, kindergartens and hospitals, ACA conducts talks, workshops, groups and training courses for professionals, parents and children.

Themes include the child protection system in Hong Kong, identification, assessment and handling of suspected child abuse cases, multi-disciplinary collaboration, prevention of child abuse and child  sexual abuse, sex education, child cyber safety, children rights and empowerment, children’s emotion and behaviour, positive parenting, child developmental needs and child protection related legislation. This service helps us disseminate child protection messages to a wide population and achieve the objective of the prevention of child abuse.