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Our Services

Preventive Service

Home Visitation Project

“Child Abuse Treatment Corner” Volunteer Home Visitation Service
Sponsored by Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited

Target families:  families with children aged 0-5 and mothers whose pregnancy moved into 24 weeks living in Kwai Tsing District, and those families facing parenting, emotional or marital issues.

Services: trained volunteers of the project provide support to families to develop knowledge and skills in child rearing, parenting and community resources, to release the pressure and anxiety in their pre- and post-natal stages, and provide a safe and healthy environment for children. Positive Parenting Training Courses are held regularly to share positive parenting knowledge and emotion management skills.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Healthy Start Home Visiting Project
Sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Target families: parents-to-be and new parents who live in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai


Assign trained volunteers to provide home visitation for the eligible families. Moreover, we provide post-natal care support service to support the postpartum mothers and to take care of newborn babies during the critical period. Trained volunteers are assigned to visit the families. The visits aim at observing home safety, sharing and demonstrating baby care skills, breastfeeding skills and providing emotional support to the mothers after childbirth.

Other supportive service includes “Healthy Start Resource Library”, which provides a wide range of books and educational compact discs on pre-and post-natal care, infant development, home safety and positive parenting for target families to borrow. We also search and match the essential baby items, such as cribs, buggies and baby clothes families need from donated items, to promote mutual help among the services users. 


“Bless My Home Forever”  Volunteer Home Visitation Project
Sponsored by The Community Chest of Hong Kong

Target families: families with children in Sham Shui Po District, for example, low income, single parent and new arrival families, children with special educational needs, and parents with emotional problems.

Services: we arrange regular volunteer home visitation, sharing sessions, community education and parent-child outings for participating families. Children of these families can have a desirable environment to grow up. Knowledge, skills and information in areas of positive parenting, child safety, community resources and parent-child relationship are regularly provided to participating families.


Daylily Project for Young / Single Mothers
Sponsored by The Community Chest of Hong Kong

Target families: young / single mothers

Services: trained volunteers provide child care, positive parenting skills and emotional support through regular home visitation. Apart from home visitation, the project also provides family sharing forums and family activities to broaden the horizons of the families.


Parents Networking

Chuk Yuen Centre Family Corner
  • The “Chuk Yuen Family Corner” was set up in April 2012. With the aims of promoting child protection services and building a parent support network in Chuk Yuen, we provide parent education programmes for parents to acquire positive parenting knowledge and skills. We also organise family gatherings and outings to enhance mutual support among family members.

Tuen Mun Centre Family Corner

  • In 1989, the Family Corner service was set up in our Tuen Mun Centre as a platform for parents to share their parenting experiences. The aims of the Corner were to develop a parent mutual supporting network and to enhance effective and positive parenting. Families who enrolled as members of the Family Corner as a member were encouraged to use our centre's facilities and services. 

Kwai Chung Centre Good Parents’ Networking Project
  • “Good Parents’ Networking Project” was launched in Kwai Chung district since 2016. It aims at promoting positive parenting, provide emotional support and problem-solving advice to parents and children, training the parents to build a network in the community, and help raise public awareness on child abuse and encourage the public to report suspected child abuse cases.

Children Empowerment

Joyful Kids Group
Sponsored by the Community Chest of Hong Kong

  • Joyful Kids Group aims at providing child development and voluntary service trainings for children. Training materials and activities are designed from the perspectives of child protection as well as childrens rights and responsibilities.

Kids’ Dream
In collaboration with Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights and supported by the Save the Children Hong Kong
  • Kids Dream is the first child-led initiative in Hong Kong to strive for the rights of children. It was formally launched in August 2006 and its members are mostly secondary school students aged under 18. Since its establishment, Kids Dream has been developed and supported by Against Child Abuse (ACA) and Hong Kong Committee on Childrens Rights (HKCCR). This aspired group continues to work closely with the two agencies in organising and implementing the annual Childrens Council project as well as many other child rights related activities.


Children’s Council

Sponsored by the Children’s Rights Education Funding Scheme
  • In 2000, under the sponsorship of the HKSAR Government, Against Child Abuse and Hong Kong Committee on Childrens Rights formed a Coordinating Committee to raise public awareness on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to promote childrens rights in Hong Kong.

  • With the dedicated efforts of the Child Councillors, they helped the children in Hong Kong voice out their views on the issues close to their heart. More importantly, they conducted research, collected views from other children and interviews with different stakeholders to learn about the core of the problems and attempted to find solutions. They actively demonstrated that children also have the ability to participate in constructive discussion in social issues like many adults do.

  • Throughout these years, Childrens Council has become a focused platform for children to voice out their views and actualise their right to participation in the community. Children learned about their rights through child-friendly measures and democratic process, and actualise their responsibilities through constructive actions.