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Donation and Support

Other donation methods

You can make single donation or monthly donation through the encrypted online donation platform, or fill in the donation form and return it to our Head Office (13/F, Corn Yan Centre, 3 Jupiter Street, North Point, HK); or donate through the following channels:

Bank Deposit

Deposit your donation to ACA via online banking, ATM or in person at any branches of the bank

Account No.: 480-107549-001

(HSBC, Against Child Abuse Limited)

*For donation receipts, please enclose your e-banking transfer confirmation or ATM transfer advice slip or bank-in slip together with the donation form to ACA

(13/F, Corn Yan Centre, 3 Jupiter Street, North Point, HK)

Crossed cheque

Make cheque payable to "Against Child Abuse Limited" and return it together with the completed donation form to ACA

(13/F, Corn Yan Centre, 3 Jupiter Street, North Point, HK)


Scan the QR code to make a donation

(please enter the donor's name and phone number in the message box).


Scan the QR code to make a donation; or

in the AlipayHK app interface, select "Charity", click on "Helping Children", and under "Organizations", click on "Against Child Abuse Limited”

FPS Transfer

Donors please transfer your donations to FPS ID: donate@aca.org.hk.

For donation receipts, please send a screenshot of the successful donation page with the donor's name, phone number and address to donate@aca.org.hk

Coin Dragon

Donate your coins to ACA through charitable donation

1. Click on "Charitable Donation", accept the terms and conditions and then select "Against Child Abuse".

2. Follow the instructions to put in the coins, and then click [Start Count].

3. After the count is completed, take a picture of the receipt on the screen for your records.

4. If you need a receipt, you can fill in the information directly in the relevant field for our follow up.

Service Station Location: https://thecoindragon.com/zh/locations-cn/

Legacy Donation

"ForeverGift” Legacy Donation Platform: https://www.forevergift.hk/charities

Policy Donation

ACA registration number: 0084364

Details: https://www.policydonation.org.hk/0084364-ACA.html

Placement of Donation Boxes

Business sectors and organizations are welcome to place donation boxes in their shopping malls or stores to collect donations from the public, so that we can help more children and their families in need. For more information, please contact us (email: donate@aca.org.hk)

In-kind Donation

If you would like to donate supplies, please fill in the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Supplies currently needed

Name/Company name:
Contact number:
Email address :
Donation items: *Please provide information on the items to be donated, condition (new/used) and quantity so that we can make decisions as needed.
The uploaded image must be in .jpeg .jpg .png format, the file size cannot not be larger than 5MB, and the image size cannot be larger than 8000px X 8000px.
Donate Items Guide