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Donation and Support

In-kind Donation

If you would like to donate supplies, please fill in the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Supplies currently needed

Brand new toys, stationery, picture books, gifts and premiums
Cash coupon of supermarket, shop vouchers
Services (including sponsored events, tickets, gift certificates, etc.)
Name/Company name:
Contact number:
Email address :
Donation items: *Please provide information on the items to be donated, condition (new/used) and quantity so that we can make decisions as needed.
The uploaded image must be in .jpeg .jpg .png format, the file size cannot not be larger than 5MB, and the image size cannot be larger than 8000px X 8000px.
Donate Items Guide

物資捐贈種類繁多,未能盡錄,歡迎向本會職員查詢 :https://www.aca.org.hk/tc/contactus