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Professional Sharing Forum on Child Protection: Youth Mental Health and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Date: 2020.12.11   
The online Professional Forum on Child Protection organised by the Against Child Abuse (ACA) was successfully completed on 11 December, with nearly 170 professional participants. In the forum, five guest speakers shared with the participants on how adverse childhood experiences and psychological harm or abuse affect the mental health of young people, and how the family therapy, expressive art therapy, and online identification and intervention services assist children, young people, and families to get out of the haze and predicament. The forum also facilitated the participants to think about the correlation between adverse childhood experiences and the mental health of children and youth, and the direction of services. Here we would like to thank the guest speakers for their rich sharing, Dr. Patrick Cheung, Chairperson of ACA and Dr. Anna Cheng, Executive Committee Member for moderating the forum and leading the discussion, and the participants for their active participation.