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Treatment Service


With the consent from case families, we provide follow-up casework services after investigation.

Our social workers provide counselling service to family members by home visitations and interviews in centres. With psychological support from social workers, as well as financial and tangible assistance, many families can rebuild their family relationship by adopting the knowledge and skills of positive parenting. A majority of parents who have accepted the above casework service stop using corporal punishment in managing children behaviour.

Treatment Group

  • Aim:

Utilize cognitive behavioural therapy to help parents adopt positive parenting skills and attitudes. By doing so, it hopes to reduce stress and anxiety that parents face when disciplining children, thus decreasing the occurrence or reoccurrence of child abuse cases and enhancing parent-child relationship.
To help children relieve their emotions and learn the right ways to manage emotions, and to enhance their self-image.

  • Target of Service:

Parents with depression or displaying depression symptoms, parents adopting corporal punishment, as well as children with emotional problems.

  • Activities:

    1. Through the stress management therapeutic group for parents with depressive features, the parents realise the significance of managing their own emotion, which result in a marked improvement of their own emotions, and learned to deal with their childrens issues in positive ways.

    2. The batterer intervention therapeutic group helps parents manage their children in non-violent and positive ways. There is a remarkable decrease in the abusive acts used by parents to manage their children and a marked improvement in the parent-child relationship. 

    3. The children therapeutic group for abused children provides a safe environment for participating children to enhance their self-confidence and their communication skills. Towards the final stage of the group, the children are willing to share their thoughts and feelings.
Treatment Service
Treatment Service
Treatment Service