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Advocacy work aims at making improvement in child protection legislation, policies and services for the prevention of child abuse. On this long road of advocacy, we believe that every small step will make a huge difference to the life of children. We shall continue working with different stakeholders to cultivate a safer environment for the optimal growth of children. 


  • Accept media interviews on various child protection issues. 
  • Conduct questionnaire survey to collect children’s and parents’ views on child protection issues.
  • Hold annual press conference to release information on our significant events, service statistics and recommendations on child protection.
  • Organise Spank Out Day carnival to disseminate the messages of positive parenting and raise public awareness on the importance of stopping the use of corporal punishment on children.
  • Submit position papers to relevant departments or committees
  • Attend committee meetings related to child protection and make recommendations to promote the safety and well-being of children.
  • Organise professional forum and invite professionals from various disciplines to participate in the forum.
  • Partnership with overseas organisations
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